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^w^ hope u Donate Points :hug: thanks your the best! :heart: :) :iconiloveyouplz: :iconlalalaplz: :iconinloveplz: :iconhappyloveplz:
Red Panda Stamp by twozard

I love Shikamaru Stamp by Shisei-sama Team Shikamaru by TeamShikaIno Shikamaru Stamp 001 by omnicatbus I Do It Because... Stamp by M-Skirvin Rilakkuma Stamp by thelegendoftiffany .: I love Rilakkuma :. by MoogleGurl Rilakkuma stamp 2 by orange-lucky-cat Blinking Rilakumma Stamp by nerkysera Rilakkuma Toast Stamp by Neimeys Indigo Heir by YukinoTenshi23Sagittarius stamp by ParamourxLightsHS: Equius Zahhak stamp by Janbearpig +Prize+ OP Monster Trio Stamp by TenshiNoFuu
Stamp: Equius by ShendijiroSanji and Zoro kiss stamp by Okami-MoonyOne Piece Sanji Stamp by erjanks stamp 2 sanji one piece by MRTrobinAnimated stamp Sanji by GueparddeFeu Sanji Stamp by CamelieMimika Sanji by DarkShad00w SaNji 1 by Nekome66 SaNji 2 by Nekome66
BVb Stamp by BVBArmyMorganJustine Andy Biersack Fan Stamp by SparxxGraphics Knives and Pens by XLove-Christina-AX
Andy Sixx Fan Stamp by Grayserhap1 Black Veil Brides by winter-ame I'm Part of the BVB Army stamp - REQUESTED by el-Jimmeister Laughing Jack Fan Stamp by underneath-infinity Laughing Jack Stamp by SnuffBomb
Yukio Okumura Stamp by SoulEaterEvans13 Rin Okumura Stamp by SoulEaterEvans13

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Yes like the title said yes -w- Kiba-kun01 here um... I'm been really busy getting a job...I guess...i don't know lol heheh anyways it's ok...and will come online here on DA sometimes replaying to everyone of u guys as I can D : my buddy's I'm so so so so sorry....I been so busy and some sad time alone :/ in the emo corner.. Thinking about my pet Sanji again....and other shits....I'm...going through... But I'm fine...I guess....don't really like talking about my problems....not much.. :/ plz don't ask...thanks...

anyways I will make new drawings of Creepypasta and my New Ocs and other anime arts soon :iconlalalaplz: also...about my Ocs....

1. If I make new Ocs....plz...don't put yourself....talking to my Ocs....really... Use your own Ocs....that u make....and make a good Rp...not yourself... When ever I put up new Ocs...plz... 

2. I don't want any of my have any love if they do or not... If there into your Ocs...doesn't matter if it's a human or demon...or any-kind...but not yourself with my Ocs anymore....really....I'm...kinda tired of that sorry... But yeah....*sighs*....anyways if u want to meet my new Ocs with your new Ocs that will be awesome I will love that c: 

3. If I put my new Ocs on DA plz....again don't put yourself...I don't care if your a demon or human....just plz....don't...just one of your Ocs or if not... Then leave's fine...
Moving on i have some replays that are deleted :c I don't know why... Even when u note's been deleted :/ I..don't know...what happen... But I guess....I will never know...I guess...sorry buddy's :'< don't hate me... I love u all....

also Thank u too all my friends :3 to say happy birthday to me! :iconiloveyouplz: thank means allot to me c: <333 I love u all :iconhugglesplz: 

And thank u for the watches!!! : D to all my new friends!! <3 :iconhugglesplz: 

for Valentines...I know I hate that day...but...I found the love of my lol I'm putting some drawing of me <3 and my sweet boyfriend :///3 in my DA cause he means allot to me and makes me happy >\\\< hehe :iconblushplz: :iconinloveplz: :iconblushplz: he's my sweet Kiba <3333 babe~ sorry I'm being wired lol 

Anyways for Creepypasta drawing like I said I will draw some when I have free time DX when I'm not busy...T3T I hate homework :/....sometimes...but oh well.....but yeah I will put some c: in like Laughing Jack and Masky and other Creepypasta : P cause some miss my drawing of them :'D and also when I role play XD heheh oh u guys :iconiloveyouplz: lol do u really like when I role play as Laughing jack : P hahahaha 

:iconlaughingjackplz: mmmm if u miss me then hug me....really hard babe... Mmm give me that nice ass.....mmm...come on....babe.....come to daddy....before I kill...u....fucking bitch...mmmm *smiles as he laughs* 

XD oh laughing jack :P heheh anyways I will replay and plz read...:/ what I told u about when I put new Ocs....and other stuff thank u 

So that's it lol I will be online if not then I am busy :/ but it's ok lol I miss u all and lots of hugs <3 for all my friends :iconiloveyouplz: :iconinloveplz: :iconbegplz: bye~ lol  


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Call me Kiba 0w0!
Artist | Student | Other
United States
This is me yes i'm Emo :3 but i'm nice and kind and XD u can called me Kiba cause i love kiba so much XD :3 i love drawing anime so much anykind of anime an someday i am makeing my own characters!! X3

I love anime so much i am makeing my own someday an i really love Hellsing,Naruto,Bleach, Naruto Shippuden,Deadman wonderland,Inuyasha,Soul Eater,Angel Beats!,Blue Exercist, Black Buter,Death Note,One Piece,Fruits Basket,Durarara an some more anime i watch i really love to draw poster for my friends an family alot an i really love i Kiba-kun Flashing Kiba Inuzuka Stamp by FANGIE-CHAN so so much an Shikamaru too The Shika Stamp by Pikachu444 Oh and this is my other Account :iconiloveyouplz::iconinloveplz: :iconxxemo-kiba-sanjixx: :iconinloveplz: :iconblushplz: is my rping :3 :iconlalalaplz: :iconinloveplz: :heart: :heart: :heart: :hug: :dance: oh an if u have a facebook i can be happy to add u if u want me too just ask me :) :heart: :dance: i don't really go on facebok not much just sometimes i do ^^ :) but i do give the drawing that u want an i post it on your page to see how much i care for u as a sweet kind friend i am :iconiloveyouplz: :iconiloveyouplz: :heart: :hug: :heart: :dance: anykind of anime but only the ones that are nice an kind to me as awsome friends <3 :heart: :heart: :dance: :heart: :heart: :iconiloveyouplz: :iconiloveyouplz: :iconshizuoplz: :iconblackbutlerplz: :iconsadnessplz:
I AM A KIBA INUZUKA FREAK LOVER!?!?!?!?!? :icondemonfaceplz: :iconiloveyouplz: :iconinloveplz: :iconblushplz: :iconinloveplz: :heart:
Looking Up At The Sky-Kiba by EnergyDrinkFreak Anger-Kiba by EnergyDrinkFreak [ Stamp ] Kiba Inuzuka by TheAssbuttNamedYuba Badge: Kiba by TheRedKunoichi Friendship by Stamp-Attack KankKiba Stamp by KandyPrower stamp: kiba inuzuka by naruhinabrazil stamp inuzuka kiba sexy by naruhinabrazil Fang over fang by Stamp-Attack Danger?-Naruto by EnergyDrinkFreak I Wonder If You're Alright... by EnergyDrinkFreak Trust by Stamp-Attack Yuuhi Kurenai - Naruto by BouhGorgonzola Kiba Stamp by rainbowramen321 Kiba LOVE Stamp by dark-reign kiba and Aka by Sandy-O Kiba stamp:: by tailartz kiba stamp 3 by shadow2rulez kiba stamp by ninjadoggykibafan Kiba Stamp by WritingRin FTW Stamp by Bean-Sprout stamp kiba by naruhinabrazil :iconinloveplz: SHIKAMARU FAN :heart: Shadow Shikamaru by Stamp-Attack shika stamp by vakuvaku Team Shikamaru by TeamShikaIno Who's the idiot here? by Stamp-Attack Shikamaru stamp by YasuRieru Shikamaru Stamp by pinkfairywand
Anime i love to watch :iconiloveyouplz: :iconinloveplz:
Death Note ((I Love L :heart: XD)) :iconiloveyouplz: :iconinloveplz:
Death Note L stamp by xselfdestructive L Death Note Stamp 2 by Neyjour L Death Note Stamp 3 by Neyjour Death Note: L Stamp by PyroStorm Death Note Stamp. L by Cola-Loca L Death Note Stamp by Neyjour L Stamp by Death-Summoner Death Note L stamp by xselfdestructive Death Note L Stamp by erjanks L Stamp by 9-Silver-Shadow-2 L stamp by oo0Misa0oo L stamp by kaiyou-chan L stamp by Okami-Moony L Lawliet -STAMP- by Nilopher L stamp 3 by Okami-Moony :Suggestive L Stamp: by Voltaira L lover - Stamp by Kaorulov L stamp by metal-marty Near Stamp :3 by youkaimusashi69 Death Note: Near is UKE stamp by Ice-Puppet Wammy Stamp: Near by BunniiChan Bloody Near Stamp by plannedbyreaperLight Mello stamp by Okami-Moony I Love Near Stamp by BroadwayLashy Stamp Ryuuzaki by xXGaarax
One Piece (love that anime XD) :heart: :iconinloveplz: :iconiloveyouplz:
Monkey D Luffy - More Than Anime Character by renealexa Luffy Stamp by XOnePiecePrincessX Straw Hat Pirates stamp by sturmsoldat1 Monkey D. Luffy Stamp by Kotonowari Together - stamp by Hele-Jaguar OP: ASL Fan Stamp by Yamineftis Together - One Piece by RockHeat7 A legend is born by Okami-Moony Gluttonous by Okami-Moony One Piece Stamp by SakuraAnarchy The best punch - OP Stamp by Kaorulov Luffy:Stamp by AkatsukiGirl11 Luffy 2 by AkatsukiGirl11 Luffy Stamp by Ibu-ki stamp luffy lover by Strawberry-Loupa Luffy-stamp by AkatsukiGirl11 Luffy Stamp by LiLanChuu One Piece Luffy Stamp by erjanks One Piece Strawhats Stamp by Zocho Shanks Stamp by MotormouthMayu Another Shanks stamp by Okami-Moony Shanks stamp by Okami-Moony Stamp of Shanks - Commission by GueparddeFeu Funny Shanks stamp by Okami-Moony Shanks Stamp by Ibu-ki Ruffy and Shanks stamp by Strange-little-cat
Portgas D. Ace (hes awsome XD X3) :heart: :heart:
Stamp - Portgas D. Ace by coffeefanatic3462 Hiken no Ace Stamp by Moreno87 Ace Stamp by Ibu-ki Portgas D. Ace by Kaorulov ace stamp One piece by titaniaerza Stamp Ace one piece by MRTrobin OP .Ace stamp by MariaPereira Portgas D. Ace stamp by MariaPereira Ace and Luffy stamp by MariaPereira Ace-stamp by AkatsukiGirl11 Stamp of Portgas D. Ace by GueparddeFeu Portgas D. Ace by DarkShad00w Ace OP - stamp by Hele-Jaguar Our beginning - stamp by Hele-Jaguar stamp luffy ace One piece by titaniaerza stamp-ace by Burbujitafdejabon OP: Grateful 03 by MariaPereira Ace Impel Down Stamp by Ibu-ki OP: RIP Ace stamp by MariaPereira One Piece Stamp by TwilightProwler One Piece Stamp by TwilightProwler One Piece Crying Stamp by TwilightProwler
(((Luffys Crew Members :heart: XD)))
Sanji Stamp by OnE-PiEcE-RuLeZ Stamp of Sanji 3D2Y by GueparddeFeu SaNji 2 by Nekome66 Sanji by DarkShad00w One Piece Stamps 3 by Mourgebeast SaNji 1 by Nekome66 Sad Zoro stamp by Okami-Moony Chopper stamp by Okami-Moony One Piece Sanji Stamp by erjanks Animated stamp Sanji by GueparddeFeu Zorro Stamp by OnE-PiEcE-RuLeZ Sanji Stamp by Kobatsu Stamp: Zoro's Luver by zoro4me3 stamp 1 zoro one piece by MRTrobin Zoro Stamp by Ibu-ki OP Usopp stamp by MariaPereira Usopp by DarkShad00w Usopp Stamp by Ibu-ki Usopp stamp gift by grapsen Tony Tony Chopper Stamp by Kotonowari
Black Butler (awsome anime XD ) :heart: :iconinloveplz: :iconblushplz:
Fan-Support-Sebastian Michaelis_Stamp by Wulfsista Ciel Stamp .:Black Butler:. by Necochan1 Sebastian Michaelis Stamp by Hunter-Arkaman Kuroshitsuji Stamp by AnDarkPrincess Kuroshitsuji stamp by xselfdestructive Stamp - Headshot ? by Nyfaline Stamp - Fly away by Nyfaline Peekaboo, Ciel by Gogelmogel Sebby stamp by Tkaczka Chibi Sebby stamp by LuVCHiBiDeSu Sebastian from Black Butler stamp by Xiahism KURO: Sebastian Stamp by Narutofan098 Sebastian Michaelis by CatherineHH Kuroshitsuji Sebastian Stamp by JackdawStamps Stamp - Sebastian's tongue by Nyfaline Sebastian Michaelis Fan Stamp by NakamuraSakura Sebastian stamp by starfiregurl26 Sebastian stamp by CuteTigerKotetsu Pluto STAMP by ForeverSonu Pluto the Demon Hound by Stalker-for-Hire Undertaker Stamp by DoctorMLoli Undertaker Stamp 2 by KitWolfren Undertaker Stamp by Megatronswaifu The Undertaker by QuidxProxQuo Undertaker Stamp by InsertAUserNameHere Undertaker Stamp by MacabreVampire Undertaker Stamp wordfree by KitWolfren Kuro: Grell stamp by Kaze-yo Stamp - Kuroshitsuji: Sebast by Suxinn Sebastian from Black Butler stamp by Xiahism Claudegasm stamp by Julesie Sebby and Claude stamp by Xiahism Kuroshitsuji II: Claude Faustus by SharpAmethyst kuroshitsuji stamp by xSYNNcereGrell Sutcliff o2 by QuidxProxQuo
Hellsing XD (badass anime) :heart:
Team Alucard-Stamp by ZeClare Hellsing stamp by cirruswolf AlucardFan Stamp by Onimusha8666 Alucard the pilot stamp by fireheart1001 Alucard drunk stamp by fireheart1001 Alucard Fetish :Stamp: by Circe-Baka Alucard Stamp by jibirelle Alucards happy face stamp by fireheart1001 Hellsing Stamp 4 by SecretKarmaSerenade Real Vampires Don't Sparkle by F1yMordecai Hellsing stamp by artalis Level 0 stamp by fireheart1001 I support... The Hellsing 2 by KikkaChan Vlad :Stamp: by Circe-Baka Shinigami Walter :Stamp: by Circe-Baka Bite Me Hard by nekomataonna Hellsing Stamp 7 by SecretKarmaSerenade That look in your eyes by nekomataonna Alucard Fan Stamp by LaughteroftheLeaves
Inuyasha-Fan-Button by Stamps-and-Buttons
Koga Stamp by Busiris Koga stamp by CeciiliaEcii Inuyasha Fan Stamp by Busiris Kirara Stamp by KiRAWRa Koga stamp by CeciiliaEcii Team Koga by Isobel-Theroux Koga stamp by Lithestep Inuyasha stamp by meogie7inuyasha InuYasha Makes Me Happy Stamp by M-Skirvin I Do It Because... Stamp by M-Skirvin Inuyasha Stamp 2 by MacabreVampire Kirara fan stamp by Kyone-h Hotter when angry by sugarpoultry

My Fav HomeStuck is X3 Equius cause he is hot! XD Mambostuck Equius by YukinoTenshi23 Equius Obey by MeanWhatuSay Cute Equius Stamp by allivegotarerainbows Indigo Heir by YukinoTenshi23 Sagittarius stamp by ParamourxLights

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You got hugged !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sorry to say this but........ I Tagged you~~!!~!!…
Kiba-kun01 Apr 10, 2014  Student Artist
Hehe awww XD...that's ok owo lol 
drakedarkness Apr 10, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Kiba-kun01 Apr 10, 2014  Student Artist
Heheh 0u0
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FeeX123 Apr 3, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
= Fight alongside you
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= Deserve you
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Send this to all your friends & me if I'm one......If you get 4 back you are liked but if you get 7 back then you are seriously loved.
Kiba-kun01 Apr 3, 2014  Student Artist
Awww I will ;u; buddy :'3
FeeX123 Apr 4, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Yay! :D :iconletmehugyouplz: anyway how r u today? :3
Kiba-kun01 Apr 6, 2014  Student Artist
Good just tired owo u?
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